Commercial & Public Enterprises

Energy Export to the Grid

Our Energy Export System is designed to help those that operate a network of generation plant over wide areas to reduce costs by selling standby generating capacity back to National Grid.

Energy Mangement

Deliver significant cost savings through automated monitoring and control and by selling standby generating capacity back to National Grid.

Internal Drainage Boards

Measure water levels in extreme conditions such as drought and flood – to everyday mains and pump failures.

Service Companies

We happily co-operate with water and energy management service companies to bring a combined solution or service to customers.

Automatically collect consumption data from water & energy meters:

  • reduce consumption
  • eliminate estimated bills
  • data supply only or dashboard analysis and reporting

Environmental Monitoring
Automatically measure the amount of water abstracted from a source to comply with licensing regulations.

Measure water quality and set alarms for a variety of parameters.