Telemetry Quality Assurance

Our Quality Commitments

Metasphere is dedicated to satisfying our customers’ telemetry requirements by understanding and meeting our customers’ expectations through the fulfilment of our commitments.

At Metasphere, quality is at the forefront of product development and throughout the life of each and every product.

We recognise that requirements change, trends change, technology changes and so do demands and to this end we have adopted a culture of continual improvement throughout the organisation.

Metasphere uses quality practices based on ISO9001:2008, but for us quality is not about standards it is about the way we work, because at the end of the day the quality of our product directly affects the quality of yours.


Metasphere complies with the following international standards:

Telemetry Quality Assurance

ISO14001 with UKAS 249

Occupational Health & Safety

OHSAS18001 with UKAS 249

Environmental Management

ISO9001 and UKAS 249
Details of Our Commitment

    Certification to international standards for management systems is a key part of our quality policy and uses best practice to:

    • Listen to our customers and develop quality systems that allows us to retain customers and grow our mutual businesses
    • Streamline processes, reducing errors and wastage and therefore increase profitability

Metasphere’s specific telemetry quality assurance objectives are:

    • To deliver all products and projects to agreed timescales and to the satisfaction of the customer
    • To provide maintenance services to agreed service level targets and to the satisfaction of the customer
    • To continually reduce the number of software faults reported by customers
    • To continually increase the reliability of hardware delivered to customers
    • To continually enhance the capabilities of products that are sold so that customers can reduce their ongoing cost of ownership
    • To take, identify and implement corrective actions so as to learn from mistakes.

    Metasphere’s Management System communicates to our customers and staff the way in which we work.

    It’s primary aim is to enable us to achieve our commitment to satisfy our customers’ requirements, by:

    • Use of our project and programme management experience
    • Use of a practical mix of new and proven techniques and technologies
    • Constant development of our staff and management expertise
    • Our commitment to the continual improvement of our processes.

Metasphere supports open telemetry systems that allow clients to select the most appropriate technological mix for their system.

This is demonstrated by the significant investment Metasphere has made in the WITS protocol over the last 5 years and is proud to be a WITS Founder Member.

Metasphere systems and products can be procured through the Achilles procurement portal. Metasphere is UVDB Verify certified.

water industry telemetry standards compliant
UK Utilities Verified Supplier managed by Achilles procurement service