Our Technology

We are Masters of Telemetry combinations

World leading telemetry solutions developed from combining best of breed technologies with deep telemetry know how

Why are combinations important?

Let’s think about what you might need…

  • a telemetry solution that fits with your current information system?
  • one that can grow effortlessly?
  • super reliable, because you can’t operate without it?
  • easy to use?
  • low cost deployment and maintenance?
  • not a complete solution at all but upgrade parts of your existing one?
  • accommodates technical innovations?
  • fantastic Return on Investment!

It’s a big list, and how is it most easily satisfied?

Not by a company trying to do everything itself…but by an organisation that uses it’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of telemetry to combine the most appropriate technologies to deliver a solution that works for you.

telemetry technology combinations for world class telemetry solutions

our radio telemetry system will scale with your needs
Core Architecture
Outstandingly Scalable and Frugal

Designed from the beginning to scale; from handling a single data point right up to the largest wide area telemetry systems in the world, our core architecture will combine with a vast array of communications media (radio, cellular, PSTN, ethernet, satellite etc) to concentrate the data using the minimum amount of resource and thereby cope with whatever requirement you have.

Long Life RTUs
Reduces lifetime cost and hassle

Combining advances in battery technology with our communications and protocol expertise we have produced highly efficient RTU field stations that allow you to deploy larger numbers of sensor points without worrying about huge maintenance and replacement costs later.


Point Orange Remote Telemetry Unit RTU
Considerably More Intelligent RTUs
More intelligence than your average RTU and much cleverer than a logger

We combine hardware design and communications expertise to make our Remote Telemetry Units just too clever by half.

  • They ‘sense‘ when data is a trend and communicate it as such.
  • They ‘know‘ when an event is an alarm even without communication to system control.
  • They ‘change‘ alarm thresholds and trend frequency when necessary

Of course they also do all the clever stuff other RTUs do such as:

  • Report by exception
  • Time synchronisation
  • Meta data and time stamped data
  • Diagnostics
  • Remote configuration
  • Peer to peer comms
  • Data concentration
  • Support multiple protocols to interface with slave devices
  • Configurable I/O
  • Events/Alarms on all points
  • Intelligent antenna selection (Point Colour)

Interested to know more about our technology combinations? then why not contact us?