CityX – The Future Cities Expo

by m3sm-admin | June 5, 2019

Metasphere will be exhibiting on Day 2 of CityX – The Future Cities Expo on Wednesday 26th September at London’s Urban Innovation Centre.

Day 2 will focus on The Breathable City. With toxic air resulting in more than 400,000 early deaths across Europe each year and has been shown to have significant effects on healthy brain development in children.

Because of this, there is a greater need to monitor and understand the impact we are having on our own cities, such as building, freight, waste management and transportation all contributing towards poor air quality and climate change.

Metasphere’s Phil Tomlinson will be showcasing their new Point Green and Point Orange IoT sensor agnostic dataloggers and continuing support of open data platforms.

For more information about this exhibition, visit the website or get in touch with Metasphere.