Metasphere Australia Pty Ltd to present at AHA 2016 Conference in Canberra

by Julia Schurer | April 17, 2018
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Metasphere AHA

Metasphere Australia Pty Ltd will be exhibiting at the Australian Hydrographers Association (AHA) 2016 Conference which takes place between 24 – 27 October at the Southern Cross Club, Woden, Canberra.

This year’s AHA conference will focus on Better Management of Water Resources; Technology, Techniques & Applications and Metasphere is delighted to have had two abstracts accepted for presentation.

Both papers will be presented by Paul Hart, Commercial Director, Metasphere Australia and are summarised below. The first paper is entitled Remote River Level Monitoring and Alarming for Highway Flood Inundation – Queensland State Highway Network.

In identifying the loss of life associated with people attempting to drive through flood water, proactive agencies and councils are turning to river level monitoring and alarming to provide them with the necessary information to enable them to make timely road closures of those highways likely to be flooded.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is currently trialling such a system using Metasphere’s Point Orange Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) combined with a water level sensor. Remote monitoring negates the need for physical inspection of water levels in remote locations and has great potential to save time, money and the health and safety of both highway personnel and the public.

The second paper to have been accepted is Sewer Level Monitoring to Alarm for Uncontrolled Discharges. Focussing on another area of the company’s expertise, namely sewer overflows, this presentation will look at the monitoring and management of high risk blockage sites using a combination of Point Colour battery powered RTUs and Pulsar dBi Ultrasonic Level Sensors. Projects are underway with a number of utilities in NSW, QLD and VIC.

In both instances attention is given to how proactive monitoring can be combined with Metasphere’s Bureau service, Palette, an online data visualisation and management platform, to create an effective, near real time decision making tool.

For further information on how Metasphere can provide end-to-end real time monitoring solutions please contact Paul Hart (Metasphere Australia Pty Ltd) or Phil Tomlinson (Metasphere Ltd).