British Water Guide Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring Telemetry solutions provider, Metasphere has lent its expertise to the inaugural comprehensive guide to the monitoring of water and wastewater across the UK.

The British Water Guide: Monitoring Products & Services 2019, published this month after more than a year’s collaboration by industry specialists including Metasphere, gives both industry newcomers and experienced staff a detailed introduction into what is available on components, communications systems and parameters in the area of water and water quality monitoring.

The 33-page Guide, a live web-based PDF downloadable from British Water’s website, as well as addressing why and how water quality is measured, provides many of the component definitions and descriptions, complete with instant links to suppliers of products and services across the UK.

Simon Dawe, Sales Manager of Metasphere, an internationally renowned end-to-end provider of remote telemetry solutions, declares it was: “Very informative” working with industry colleagues, bringing together different types of expertise to produce “an excellent, easy-to-digest Guide direct from the industry itself – rather than via external consultants”.

Fellow contributors included Dr Mar Batista of British Water, Dr John Gaffney of ABB (now at Siemens), Paul Norman of Partech Instruments and Anna Whittaker and Janet Gunn of Modern Water Monitoring (Anna is now at LuminUltra). There were additional inputs from Hydro International and RDN Ltd.

While others concentrated on their own specialisms – such as chemical monitoring and radio communications for monitoring – Dawe says the Metasphere focus in preparation of the Guide was on data-logging, telemetry and environmental measurements: “As monitoring and data become increasingly critical in the water sector, understanding how to make the most of these vitally important elements is key. Our job at Metasphere is to get the data back from your networks – however challenging the physical conditions – and make sure you have analysable and reliable data present in your system in the first instance!”

Follow the link to download your British Water Guide Monitoring: Products & Services: