Metasphere awarded place on Southern Water framework

Metasphere Southern Water

Metasphere Southern Water

Wastewater application specialist, Metasphere, has been awarded a place on a framework contract for UK utility, Southern Water. 

Metasphere has been selected as a Wastewater Level Monitoring partner on this prestigious framework contract to supply Sewer Level Monitoring equipment to Southern Water, supporting their ambition to deploy up to 30,000 sewer monitors in their network. 

Southern Water provides mains water and sewerage services to Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent. The utility company’s operational area totals 4,450 km2, serving 2.26 million customers. It covers a total of 39, 594 km of sewers, including 365 wastewater treatment works. 

Metasphere‘s revolutionary Wastewater Level Monitoring solution, ART Sewer, using contactless Sense Level IoT devices, have been selected to help deliver an all-in-one, cost-effective approach for improved network visibility, performance and forecasting.

Sewer level data collected from the Sense Level devices are reported to the secure, scalable data collection and management cloud platform, Palette. When a utility then combines this sewer level data with smart machine-learning analytics, users can proactively manage flow in their sewers, pumping stations, manholes and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs), detect partial sewer blockages as well as monitor and prevent flooding events across their network. 

”Sense Level’s ease of use and quick 5-minute install time is a major winning factor”, says Asmir Hajric, Business Development Manager for Metasphere. ”This intelligent device is pre-configured, requiring only a single item to be attached to a mounting bracket. Its suitability for install in a wide variety of manhole chambers with no actual entry required; means that no specialist tools, skills, or training is required to install this intelligent sensor”. MySite, a mobile friendly web interface allows for key information to be captured on site at the time of install thereby reducing the effort and interaction required during deployment. ”All these benefits are a huge plus”, Hajric says, ”as it provides significant operational cost savings to a utility”.

The Sense Level IoT sensors also include support for two LPWAN technologies, NB-IoT and LTE-M, and offers flexibility and simplicity with remote, configurable options for mass deployment across a wastewater network. 

NB-IoT and LTE-M delivers significant improvements in power consumption of user devices, system capacity and spectrum efficiency. It also provides longevity of use, as it is a part of 4G and the new 5G standard, keeping the device connected during the next evolution of cellular technology.

”These benefits translate into huge potential”, says Chris Fryatt, Product Management Director of Metasphere, ”as it allows for mass deployment of cost-effective sensor devices at sites delivering efficient IoT connectivity in a network for wastewater and sewer level monitoring. It delivers ultimate visibility for proactive operational management whilst reducing the Total Cost of Ownership”.

Tim O’Brien, CEO of Metasphere commented:

”ART Sewer is a new strategic direction for our business, using IoT sensor technologies combined with data intelligence for large scale mass deployment across wastewater networks. This new revolutionary solution has been developed in line with our core vision of using telemetry to drive sustainable use of the world’s natural resources”.

”We are justifiably proud to be part of the solution for Southern Water and look forward to working together”.