Metasphere’s Point Green offers More for Less

by Julia Schurer | January 23, 2019

Metasphere has launched Point Green, a new remote telemetry unit (RTU) and another outstation within its Point Colour Range. Point Green is the base-defining unit upon which all other Point Colour RTUs stand and offers extensive functionality for a lower investment.

Point Green’s key feature is its Serial Communications that allow the RTU to integrate with any sensor with a Modbus or SDI-12 output; interrogating directly and gaining wide-ranging information.

The unit is battery operated and offers flexibility, programmability and versatility for use in remote locations. It shares most of the features of the Point Orange RTU; namely 2 digital inputs, external power switching, automatic switchable internal/external antenna, 2G, 3G and in time 4G.

Metasphere has designed the Point Green RTU to be a low cost alternative for many applications such as pressure, flow and rain gauge monitoring, district metering (DMA), potable water quality and flood warning monitoring as well as bi-directional flow, rain gauge, weather station and asset condition monitoring.