Point Green 3G RTU

Point Green 3G: RTU

A versatile, intelligent 3G, GSM/GPRS RTU suitable for many applications. Features include:

  • 2 real time monitoring sensors
  • Fixed Software I/O: CI & DI
  • Protocols supported: DNP3, Medina, FTP
  • Modbus Master (RS232 & RS485)
  • SDI-12 (single sensor) interface for third party serial devices
  • 5+ years battery life
  • IP68 up to 4 metres for 4 days
  • Remote configuration & firmware upgrade
  • Patented internal submersion sensor
  • External power source- with Automatic detection and switching

Integrated bracket for simple installation
Single connection point for external sensors, power and configuration
Optional external antenna
Secure locking pin

  • Built-in GPRS or 3G modem with automatic antenna selection for delivery of data
  • Rapid installation with integrated mounting bracket
  • Internal (non-rechargeable) battery with an extended life of 5+ years
  • Unit enclosure is IP68 compliant
  • Very compact footprint of just 156mm x 110mm x 112mm
  • Configuration options include monitoring of battery voltage and GPRS/3G signal levels
  • Storage of 15,000 DNP3 timestamped events
  • Directly connects to Metasphere’s Palette service, DNP3 masters or FTP servers
  • Monitors internal memory usage
  • Configured via USB using Metasphere’s configuration application Poco+
  • Connectivity: Modbus (RS232 & RS485), SDI-12 plus bespoke serial protocols