Submersion Sensor Patent Granted

by Julia Schurer | April 17, 2018

Metasphere has had its patent granted by the UK intellectual Property Office for its Submersion Sensor on Point Colour, its range of remote telemetry units (RTUs).

Developed to determine how long an RTU is underwater, the inclusion of this submersion sensor with the company’s Point Colour RTUs will provide a number of benefits including: information that will better determine the reason behind an asset’s submergence, a reduction in the cost of installation and trouble-free and reliable results.

Existing solutions require an external float switch to be connected and installed close to the RTU that is triggered when the RTU is submerged. External float switches add additional material and installation costs, are cumbersome and require a dedicated external connector on the RTU. The float switches have proven to be unreliable in the harsh environments where RTUs are installed. Subsequently they can become clogged or even broken providing erroneous readings and false alarms.

The integration of this submersion sensor within an internal chamber of the RTU does away with the float switch and the inherent problems associated with them, resulting in a significant solution cost saving. As there is little opportunity for external damage it provides reliable readings and in determining how long a unit has been submerged, it has the ability to identify more accurately whether the reasons for submergence are due to any specific factor, such as a significant leak, a blockage preventing water from draining, or indeed something else.

Metasphere’s IP68 rated Point Colour RTUs with a patented inbuilt Submersion Sensor are currently the only logging devices on the market to provide this level of information.