WWEM 2021

WWEM 2021– We are so looking forward to the Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring virtual event taking place on the 13-14th Oct 2021.

WWEM focuses on Instrumentation and services for Water and Wastewater Process Monitoring. WWEM offers a focused meeting platform for water monitoring professionals who are looking for the latest product solutions, technical advice, methods and applications to measure, test and analyse wastewater and water quality. Find out more WWEM 2021https://www.ilmexhibitions.com/wwem/

Make sure to come and visit us on our virtual stand to learn more on how IoT and Smart Machine- Learning Analytics is going to revolutionise Wastewater Level Monitoring. 

Monitoring wastewater levels in a wastewater network is imperative as it enables utilities to effectively manage their network to prevent wastewater spills, reduce pollution and improve visibility, performance, and forecasting. 

Learn more about how poor wastewater network visibility can be significantly improved when employing a holistic, all-in-one approach for managing Wastewater Levels in a network, through the mass deployment of intelligent, cost-effective IoT sensors across a wastewater network that monitor wastewater levels in real-time. 

So, come and join us at WWEM to learn more about our products and solutions suited for Water, Wastewater and Environment applications.

We look forward to seeing you at the Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring event of the year. 







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