Metasphere supports all its RTU products with a wide range of cables and accessories, which include prewired programming I/O Cables, I/O test boxes with USB, DC power adaptors, connector caps, installation brackets, and antenna caps.

See below for further details of all these:


Cables & Accessories


Metasphere provides a wide range of off-the-shelf cables which are pre-wired for some common applications. These are described in more detail in this downloadable sheet.

A programming cable can be provided as a standard Metasphere part (PN 4-107). This connects the Point Colour to your PC using the USB connector.

Cables & Accessories


The Test Box incorporates a USB connection and I/O test box. This allows you to connect one or more sensors to the Point Colour RTU in a user-friendly way, allowing you to trial different sensors for a particular application. This facility can be used to check that I/O arrangements work correctly before a final cable selection, suitable for user in the field, is made. The connector on the Test Box is labelled with the pins which correspond to the I/O pins on the Point Colour main connector.

Cables & Accessories


To accompany the Test Box, an AC/DC Power Adaptor is available, with two models: one for the UK and one for Australia.

Metashpere Connector


The external I/O connector on Point Colour RTUs is normally used to connect sensors to the RTU, but in some applications such as Flood Monitoring which uses the internal submersion sensor, no external connections are required. In these examples, a connector cap should be fitted to maintain the IP68 rating of the Point Colour RTUs.

Installation bracket set


The installation bracket can be used to safely secure the Point Colour to a wall. The bracket features two arms that are designed to slide into the mounting feature on the back of the enclosure. These arms are sprung to keep the RTU pulled close, whilst a stop at the top of the bracket prevents the RTU from being pushed off.

External Antenna Cap user Guide19


The antenna cap is included as standard with all Point Colour units. The purpose of this cap is to prevent debris from being caught in the connector, which might damage the connection should an external antenna be needed later. This cap should always be used unless an external antenna is fitted.