Poco+ is the configuration tool that allows you to get the best performance and functionality from the Point Colour range. An intuitive user interface provides easy and reliable configuration of your Point Colour for a whole range of applications, from Automatic Meter Reading to Wastewater Level Monitoring and beyond.

Primary Features

  • Creation and management of RTU configuration files
  • Plug and play connection with Point Colour RTUs via USB
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostic features to allow easy commissioning
  • Configuration conversion allows existing configurations to be quickly and easily converted for use with a different RTU or application.
  • Integrated contextual help – press F1 on any control to display relevant help
  • Fully backwards compatible file format to allow hassle-free updates to the latest version
  • Supported by any PC running Windows 7 or later

Pro Features

Poco+ includes a range of Pro features that are available for free, including:

  • BatteryLife Calculator. Provides an estimation of expected battery life based on the current configuration being worked on in Poco+. This allows users to see how changes in configuration affect battery life.
  • Call progress window. Commissioning tool that displays a real-time view of how a call is progressing from modem registration to top-end connection.
  • Points List Summary. Provides an at-a-glance view of how each point on the RTU is configured. Trends and events are listed in user-sortable grids for ultimate clarity.

Please visit the client login to download the latest version of Poco+.