MM-IM RTU and PLC (mains-powered)


The MM-IM is mains-powered and acts as a single point for site supervisory control and data acquisition of up to 4000 points. With integrated IEC61131 programming suite of language, the MM-IM is an Outstation RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in one box. Its wide range of interfaces and protocols enables integration with any typical site equipment, from PLCs to smart sensors.

  • Full telemetry support including alarm handling and reporting, current values and trending.
  • Support for a range of open standard communications protocols. (Modbus, DF1 Master & Slave, Ethernet IP, Flex/Point IO and LSI)
  • Support for IEC61131 programs using Straton workbench.
  • Linux based.
  • Support for over 4,000 IO points.
  • Four serial ports, four USB ports and two Ethernet ports allow for multiple IO and communication options.
  • Configurable using either Straton or MicroMC.
  • Remote configuration via Straton or Data Gatherer.
  • WITS DNP3 option available.

IEC61131 engine to write custom logic programs
2x LAN for easy networking connections
3x RS232 and 1x RS485 for connecting to remote IO and back up communications
Easy to read indicators to show product status

Hardware features

  • IO points – support for 1024 digital inputs, 256 analogue inputs and 256 counter inputs. Counter inputs can be configured to detect digital pulses or can record register information from intelligent sensors. The MM-IM has support for 1024 digital outputs and 256 analogue outputs.
  • Serial ports – the MM-IM has 4 proprietary RJ45 serial ports for which a number of custom cables are available. By default all are RS232 ports; one (COM4) may be configured as an RS422/RS485 port.
  • USB ports – the MM-IM has 4 USB ports that can be used as additional serial ports.
  • Ethernet ports – Two onboard Ethernet ports enable communications to either a master station or onsite distributed IO.
  • Memory – The MM-IM has 512 Mbytes of solid-state memory for local storage of trend and alert data, equivalent to approx. 10 million samples (for example, approx. 1 year’s storage at a sampling rate of 30 analogue values per minute).

Software features

  • Input Processing – Independent configurable processing of all input sources, including calibration and filtering of analogue sensors, inversion and debounce of digital sensors.
  • Output Processing – Independent configurable processing of all outputs, including scaling, inversion, and programmable pulse widths.
  • Trending and alerts – Independently configurable periodic and event based recording of any data source in any combination. Independently configurable alarm and event detection, timestamping and recording on any input source with extensive alarm reduction functionality, including time and level deadbands. Dialback over IP or PSTN can be configured on alarm.
  • IEC61131-3 programming – support for all five standard languages through the use of the Straton runtime engine.
  • Configuration – Download and non-volatile storage of static configuration data, including communications settings, modem controls, dialback phone numbers, alarm and event thresholds and time deadbands.